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Owensboro Specialty Polymers, Inc. is an employee-owned company, formally known as Owensboro Specialy Polymers, LLC. You may remember this business from one of its previous names, which include the following:

  • Owensboro Specialty Polymers, LLC
  • W.R. Grace-Darex-Specialty Polymers
  • Hampshire Chemical Corporation, A subsidiary of the Dow Chemical Company
  • Hampshire Chemical Corporation, A Member of the Sentrachem Group
  • Hampshire Chemical Corportation
  • W.R. Grace-Organic Chemicals Division

Throughout all of these name changes, this business has provided its customers with consistent products of excellent performance and quality along with a personalized customer service group.

OSP is a specialty polymer business specializing in PVdC emulsion chemistry. We have been in the business of manufacturing quality polymers from a wide range of monomers for over 50 years.


For many years we have provided high barrier coatings to the flexible packaging industry and metal coating industry as well as many other applications that require excellent barrier to moisture, gases, odors, flavors, grease, chemicals, etc. Over the years we have developed a line of specialty adhesive and coating products used is a wide variety of applications and industries.

OSP is looking at a bright future growing with our customers as we provide them with cost effective performance related solutions to their coating and adhesive needs.

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History and Timeline

Starting in 1958 when W.R. Grace built the polymer plant in Owensboro, KY based on Dewey and Almy technology.

Darex® SBR and Daratak® and Everflex® PVAc production begins

Daran® PVdC latex production begins

Plant is incorporated into the Organic Chemicals Division of W.R. Grace

Grace purchases the Dow Saran® PVdC latex business.

Production of Daxad® polyacrylate dispersing agents begins

Management buyout of Grace Organic Chemicals Division. Renamed Hampshire Chemical Corporation.

Sentrachem purchases Hampshire Chemical Corporation and becomes a fully owned subsidiary of Sentrachem Limited, South Africa.

The Dow Chemical Company purchases Sentrachem. Hampshire Chemical Corp. plant becomes a subsidiary of the Dow Chemical Company

W.R. Grace buys the Owensboro Polymer plant and related business

W.R. Grace sells Owensboro Polymer Plant and business to private owner and customer of the polymer plant. New company is called Owensboro Specialty Polymers, LLC (OSP)

OSP become Owensboro Specialty Polymers, Inc. and is sold to employees as an ESOP.

OSP acquires the Dow (formerly Rohm and Haas, formerly Morton) Serfene® PVdC latex business