Information Regarding Different Types of Everflex and Versaflex



Everflex PVAc latex is a family of aqueous emulsion polymers and copolymers based primarily on vinyl acetate monomer.  These products were designed for specialty coating applications.  OSP offers both polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) and hydroxyethylcellulose (HEC) stabilized products.  Everflex PVAc latex can be used as the primary backbone polymer or to help impart a specific property to your formula.

Everflex PVAc latex polymers are easy to compound.  They have been used in formulas for primers, sealers, high solids mastics, caulks, and joint cements as well as many other applications.  They can impart excellent water resistance.

OSP Product Comparison Chart Everflex/ Versaflex

OSP PCC Everflex/ Versaflex

OSP PCC Everflex/ Versaflex
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Paint/Coating Emulsion
Everflex G is a high molecular weight vinyl acetate copolymer emulsion. It offers excellent holdout, flow, flexibility, and machining properties. Consequently, it finds wide application in specialty coating applications.
Everflex G is stabilized with hydrolyzed polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) which imparts better shelf life with less settling. Everflex G is thixotropic. It builds viscosity but thins when sheared. It then thickens back up. This can be very useful in mastics such as tub and tile grout and other high viscosity applications such as thick film and stucco. It lends well to trowling.
Everflex G dries permanently flexible. It is used in some durable exterior, maintenance coating, such as asphalt coatings. It has good wear resistance. Everflex G has been used as a top coat for fabric used to make book covers, and as a concrete additive for patching old concrete. It has been widely used in primers, sealers, and specialty coating applications.
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Paint/Coating Emulsion
Everflex GT is a versatile emulsion polymer designed for high solids mastic compounds, caulks, sealants, and joint cements. It accepts high loading with excellent rheology characteristics. It has also been used in some heat seal and textile applications.
Everflex GT is stabilized with hydroxyethyl cellulose, which imparts better water resistance than typical vinyl acetate polymers.
The outstanding chemical and mechanical stability of Everflex GT enables the formulator to develop high solids, high viscosity compounds with exceptional flow and leveling characteristics.
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Paint/Coating Emulsion
Everflex SP1084 is a high molecular weight polyvinyl acetate emulsion polymer. It has excellent strength and durability as well as high tensile strength both green and in the final product.
Everflex SP1084 is stabilized with hydrolyzed polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) which imparts better shelf life with less settling.
Everflex SP1084 is designed for use as a concrete additive for improved adhesion and compressive strength.
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Versaflex is a vinylidene chloride acrylate copolymer that has excellent adhesion to glass, metal, and some engineered plastics.  It is an excellent choice when you are looking for higher barrier properties in your coating application.


Versaflex® 9

PVdC/Acrylic Coating Emulsion
Versaflex 9 is a vinylidene chloride acrylate emulsion polymer with excellent adhesion to glass, metal, and some engineering plastics in either clear or pigmented coatings.
Versaflex 9 is designed to provide improved water resistance versus traditional acrylics. It provides grease, oil, oxygen, and moisture vapor resistance. Versaflex 9 has been used to encapsulate asbestos in place by spray applying to asbestos insulation materials. It provides a tough, durable, water resistant coating.
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